Fr. Charles writes

Where to bury a dog

Since Buddy, my 11-year-old Shepherd/Collie dog, died in January 0f 2008 in the deep of winter, I had gone through a plethora of emotions I never would have imagined I’d feel.  There is the great loss of a constant, faithful, … Continue reading

Dear Premier Wynne…

Ever since the announcement of the new Ontario Sex Ed. curriculum by Premier Wynne two weeks ago there has been a flurry of letter-writing, online petitions by the various media groups and loads of talk on talk radio and the … Continue reading

Alone, Yet Not Alone

(by David Brooks, Jan. 27, 2014 – New York Times Opinion Page) There is a strong vein of hostility against orthodox religious believers in America today, especially among the young. When secular or mostly secular people are asked by researchers … Continue reading

The Power of Prayer

On Christmas Eve in our parish, following the 5 pm. Mass, a parishioner, Jeff McGrath, along with his family, stopped to exchange Christmas greetings with me and added that he had had an incredible experience where he knew God was … Continue reading

And Sadness Flee Away

These are the last words in our well-known Advent song “O Come Divine Messiah!”  It’s the last weekend – this Fourth Sunday of Advent – of our Advent Season of “waiting”.  There is no avoiding, I suppose, a sense of … Continue reading

An Old House

This Friday May 23rd will mark the closing of the sale of my parents’ house – always called “our house”.  My parents bought the house when they were eight years married, already had four children and my father was working … Continue reading

Miracles in Our Time

I read a newspaper article a few years ago called Easier Miracles? and this is what it said: “The Bishop of Tarbes and Lourdes in France has announced a ‘reform’ of miracles at the Catholic shrine of Lourdes. Henceforth, there … Continue reading

Rising & Bread

In the gospel read on Easter Sunday morning where Mary Magdalene goes to the tomb and finds it empty, she meets a stranger, whom she thinks is the gardener, and asks him where they have taken the body of the … Continue reading


I remember the Easter Sunday’s of my youth as times of sunshine, spring, going to Mass Easter Sunday morning awakened to a keen sense that something drastically different had taken place and our parish was celebrating it. People arrived at … Continue reading

Remembering Liam

Our parishioners will remember well the story of little Liam Janssen who was born with Trisomy 18 in April of last year. I had the privilege of baptizing him into the Family of the Church while he was at Sick … Continue reading

Good Pope John and Humour

In a months time two giants of the Catholic Church, spiritual heroes of the 20th century, will be made saints of the Roman Catholic Church.  Both served as successors to Peter and both were from working class families who knew … Continue reading

News You Should Know About….

OECTA (Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association) announced this past Monday March 10 that OECTA will march in Toronto’s WorldPride parade on June 29th of this year.  The Catholic Teachers union represents over 45,000 Catholic teachers from across Ontario.  “Though it … Continue reading

Saints In a Confessional Box

(by Father Robert Barron) The Catholic Church is often criticized as rigorist, unrealistic, and unbending, especially in regard to its teaching on sexuality. How could anyone, we hear over and again, possibly live up to the Church’s demands concerning masturbation, … Continue reading

Thank You One and All

Andrzej, Magda, Matthew, Kuba & Helenka Nowak Ferma, Stephanie & Adam Collings, Tom & Joan Barker Paula Podesta, David Forget, Robert, Elia & Michael LeBlanc Cherie & Olivia Shaddick, Juanita Peters, Bob Mott, Sandy Yatabe In recognition of the people … Continue reading

Vanishing Catholics

The following article was written by Fr. William P. Clark, OMI and appeared in the Homiletic and Pastoral Review for December 23, 2013. Fr. Clark is a semi-retired American priest who has a long list of academic credentials and positions … Continue reading


Gratitude can be an every-day reality in our lives before God or a feeling hauled out of the shadows of our life for special occasions such as Thanksgiving. Over the past few years it seems we have heard of so … Continue reading

A Fitting Place

Remember in your prayers… Many of our parishioners would remember a family that belonged to our parish and moved back to the U.S. to Mississippi last year – Carl and Isabel Lockhart, with their two boys, 11-year old Jake and … Continue reading


About a week ago Pope Francis gave a second interview to a well-known atheist Eugenio Scalfari, which appeared in Italy’s daily newspaper Le Repubblica. Like the first interview given by the Pope there has been much controversy and confusion over … Continue reading

The Pope’s Field Hospital

By Fr. Robert Barron As by now everyone in the world knows, Pope Francis offered a lengthy and wide-ranging interview to the editor of Civilta Cattolica, which was subsequently published in sixteen Jesuit-sponsored journals from a variety of countries. As … Continue reading

Recognition & Thanks

Four years ago a new format for Children’s Liturgy was begun in our parish. Children in Jr. and Sr. Kindergarten, Grade One and Grade Two are dismissed temporarily from the Sunday morning 9 am. Mass to hear the same proclamation … Continue reading

On behalf of Aunt Mary

Last Saturday (Sept. 14) we celebrated the Funeral Mass for my Aunt Mary Fry who had died following health complications and after a decades-long struggle with MS. Her few immediate family members live in Belleville and her wish was to … Continue reading

Choosing a baby name?

Is the bearing of a child a parent’s license to get creative with the name? Word On Fire contributor Ellyn von Huben examines a recent news item about a child’s controversial name change, and what could be avoided if parents … Continue reading

Sympathy for the Devil

By Fr. Robert Barron Some years ago, The New Yorker ran a cartoon that perfectly lampooned the loopy ideology of “inclusion” that has come to characterize so much of the Christian world. It showed a neat and tidy church, filled … Continue reading

Breaking News

BREAKING NEWS!!! The St. Michael’s Boys Choir will be putting on a CHRISTMAS CONCERT at St. Leo the Great Parish on Friday November 29 at 7 pm. SO SAVE THE DATE ! PARISH SOCIAL COMMITTEE TO BE DISSOLVED After serving … Continue reading

20 Years of Priesthood

As I am putting together my thoughts and this bulletin article, I am thinking back to exactly twenty years ago at this very hour when I was being ordained for the Priesthood of Jesus Christ in the Roman Catholic Church. … Continue reading

Some Announcements

Happy Retirement, Ron & Pat! Thank you for your past and continued involvement in our parish’s life! May God bless you both.   PARISH VOLUNTEER SCREENING PROGRAM AT SAINT LEO THE GREAT PARISH In 1999, the Government of Ontario initiated … Continue reading

Joy and Sadness

In the story of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, is found much sadness on the part of those who never really heard the Lord when He spoke to them during his three years … Continue reading

Pope Francis I

I love what the Holy Spirit does time and time again in our lives and in the life of the Church – the Spirit surprises us! As soon as the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI was announced by him on … Continue reading


“Gossip is hearing things you like about people you don’t.” Hatred is such a strong word and an awful thing. It can lead to calumny, (a misrepresentation intended to harm someone else’s reputation – Merriam Webster Dictionary), cause the ruin … Continue reading

Lighthouse Media CD’s

LIGHTHOUSE MEDIA CD’s NOW AVAILABLE TO OUR PARISHIONERS For over a month now, though unannounced due to the busy Christmas Season, our parish has a new display of various Catholic CD’s made available to our parishioners for purchase for their … Continue reading

Letting Go

LETTING GO Broken Toys As children bring their broken toys, With tears, for us to mend; I brought my broken dreams to God because he was my friend. But then instead of leaving him in peace to work alone, I … Continue reading