Baptism is the first sacrament of initiation into the Catholic community in Christ. It is an important sacrament upon which our entire Christian lives are built. Christ comes to your child through the invitation of the parents through the Church in the sacrament which opens them up to life in Christ. They receive the Holy Spirit and become members of the Church.

You may have your child baptized at St. Leo the Great Parish if:

  • you live within the parish boundaries of Brooklin OR
  • live outside of St. Leo the Great parish boundaries but are a member here by regular Mass attendance and are already known by the parish priest, Fr. Charles Forget.

If you qualify for Baptism at St. Leo the Great please do the following:

  • print the two-pages of the Baptism Information Kit,
  • read the information about Baptism at St. Leo the Great Parish, paying particular attention to the section on Godparents
  • download and fill out the separate Baptism Registration Form
  • include with your Registration Form your $50. donation in an envelope (stapled to it) and marked “Baptism” with your name and phone number on it.

When completed, please either bring it to church with you and give it to a member of our Welcome Committee in the vestibule after Mass or bring it to the parish office (south side of the Church building) or place it in the outdoor mailbox at the office door.

Our Baptism Coordinator, Mrs. Brenda Beriault will contact you once she has received your information to discuss with you the procedure for Baptism.

If you have questions about any of the above steps or requirements, please call the parish office at 905-655-3286 ext. 101.