Family of Faith


Our Family of Faith campaign is now over and our most recent total of money raised is $866,100.  From this total, based on the formula that up to and including our initial goal of $390,000., 75% would go to the Archdiocesan campaign and 25% would come back to the parish, the breakdown is like this:

$292,500. goes directly to Archdiocesan campaign

$97,500. earmarked for St. Leo the Great Parish

Of the remaining funds over the $390,000. raised beyond our goal, the formula then changes to 75% to the parish and 25% to the Archdiocesan campaign:

Amount over goal of $390,000. = $476,100.

$119,025. goes directly to Archdiocesan campaign

$357,075. earmarked for St. Leo the Great Parish

The result is that $454,575. of our total campaign results will come back to our parish and be spent specifically and only on our 3 outlined goals made in our case statement:

  1. Hire a full-time Youth Minister
  2. Replace current lighting in church with LED
  3. 50% of funds raised for parish use will go directly to our parish mortgage as per Archdiocesan campaign guidelines ($227,287.5).

A question that would be in all our minds, of course, would be how does our parish get the funds raised that is ours to use for our goals?  The Archdiocese of Toronto has raised a collective campaign total (from all parishes) of over 134 million dollars but since this is a 5-year campaign and most who have made pledges will do so over 5-years, the Archdiocese doesn’t have all of its 134 million dollars now.  The total amount of money pledge will only be realized at the end of the 5-year period.  However, since pledge money has already been coming into the campaign through other parishes who have done their campaigns over the last 2 years, some money is now available to the parishes and will continue to be over the course of the pledge payment period.

Timing of Disbursement of Campaign Funds

  1. Funds raised in capital campaigns at Diocesan parishes will be returned six months after completion of the parish’s active period of solicitation (to be deposited to the parish’s archdiocesan account on deposit at the Chancery) based on the sharing formula and the cash received at the time of disbursement. (See above breakdown of our funds.) 
  1. These months will allow for proper auditing and accounting of funds raised. After the initial disbursement, funds will be added to the parish’s archdiocesan account on deposit with the Chancery on a semi-annual basis as cash payments are received on pledges. The archdiocesan capital approval processes will remain in place.

So, our parish will receive its first deposit of our share of the funds raised 6 months after our campaign ended, which will be June 14, 2016, and we will continue to receive a deposit into our account  every 6 months for the duration of 5 years.

At the 6 month mark after the conclusion of the parish campaign, Donations Processing Centre will send out to the pastor a detailed report that outlines total monies pledged, total monies received, pledge details by donors, etc… It will also indicate the total monies that have been disbursed to the parish (i.e., held in the parish account at the chancery).



Since our campaign has ended, (though parishioners may still decide to contribute to our campaign and make a pledge), the work of our campaign committee is now over as well.  I had mentioned on numerous occasions throughout the orientation sessions to parishioners that the campaign, once over for our parish, would then be maintained by the office the Archdiocese has set up specifically for this purpose. 

Therefore, all questions regarding pledge payments, changes to your pledge amount or account information you may wish to make, or any information you may seek regarding your pledge is to be directed to

Family of Faith

Donation Processing Centre

1155 Yonge Street,

Toronto, Ontario M4T 1W2

 by calling Kathryn Moore Collins at

               416-934-3400 ext. 535

or by email:


The campaign distinguishes any new pledge as an Initial Pledge and all other queries regarding that pledge which follows as subsequent payments.

NEW PLEDGES (Initial Pledges)

If you have not yet made a pledge and have decided you would like to do so, please go to our parish’s new Welcome Centre and ask for a Family of Faith Pledge Form.  You will be given a pledge card and an envelope.  You can fill out your pledge card there or at home and after placing it and sealing the envelope, you can drop it in the collection basket, leave it with the Welcome Centre leader or drop it in the parish mailbox outside of the office or give it to the secretary during regular office hours.

All payments through monthly cheques must be sent directly to the Family of Faith Donation Processing Centre in Toronto at the address above.  The parish is unable to receive any payments to the Family of Faith campaign.

A special and important thanks on behalf of all our parishioners goes to our Family of Faith Committee who have served in various ways to fulfill our parish’s campaign requirements reaching out to all parishioners to participate in the campaign.  The members who have served on the committee are: Jeananne Ralph, Rosemary McCanny, Joan Barker, Bill Howe, Dario Pranckevisius, Pina Floris, Susan and Ken Canning and Fr. Charles.

Parishioner Marguerite Passafiume did a wonderful job in making phone calls to parishioners as well as many other parishioners who assisted greatly in this way.

A special note of appreciate goes to parishioner Magda Nowak who did an extraordinary job serving as Campaign Secretary and who put in countless volunteer hours each week gathering and processing all pledge card information and making weekly reports to the Archdiocese.  She also regularly met with myself and Deacon Rudy Ovcjak, our local campaign Director, to plan the ongoing work of the campaign and process each week’s results of the campaign.  She also manned the campaign information table in the vestibule along with some other members of our campaign committee.  Her experience as a Project Manager has served our parish well and kept us organized and on track of our goals throughout the four months of the campaign.

Magda’s work on the campaign is now officially done, however, she will continue to process any and all new Initial Pledges to our parish campaign.  As mentioned, all other questions, queries and changes to our parishioners pledge commitments should be directed to the Family of Faith Donation Processing Centre and not to Magda or our parish secretary.

Finally, thank you again to all of our parishioners who made pledge commitments to our Family of Faith campaign making our campaigns results the tremendous success that they are.

In Christ, Fr. Charles