Lenten Schedule

Lent season is here. We all are called to enter deeper in union with God, through prayers, fasting, abstaining, and various devotions. I encourage you to take advantage of the Stations of the Cross after each weekday morning Mass at our parish. The Rosary before Mass and the Stations after Mass, will be offered for our parish family, and in a special way, for the conflict and war in Ukraine; we come together to pray for peace. Stations of the Cross led by lay ministers – Fridays at 7:30 pm.

In addition, and in order to make further times for prayer, our Parish will open its doors Monday to Thursday from 8am – 12 Noon and from 1 – 4pm; Friday 8am – 12 Noon. The main front door of the church will be open for private prayers and visitations to our Parish. These times are also the office hours (from the side door) for our parish, unless it is stated or posted otherwise. 

Once our parish is finished with preparation and celebrations of the Sacraments for our children, our Wednesday 7pm will be in start for all who are not able to attend the morning Mass on March 30, 2022. (this is the conclusion of our survey for Mass times and options that were offered to our parish community). During lent both morning and evening Mass will be in place until Easter. After Easter, only the evening Mass will stay and it will replace the morning Mass. Wednesday also will be an appropriate day to add prayers to our Lady of Perpetual help. Please share the news of the lifting of restrictions, such as no distancing and no limits on numbers in our parish with others (you may want to pass on the bulletin to neighbours or loved one’s). This is a time, for all of us, to encourage others to come back to Church, especially those who were concerned and have stayed away over legitimate health reasons through this past pandemic. 

Sincerely Yours

Fr. Mounir EL-Rassi

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