Communion Service Registration – May 9

You must sign up filling up to the first available spaces and refrain from reserving the last spaces. This avoids sporadic reservations and helps to ensure that each 10-minute Communion Service is fully booked and that each subsequent Communion Service is filled up until the last of the offered CS. As pastor, I am happy to provide as many CS’s as demanded, however, we will have to simply cancel any reservations made which ignore this request. The faithful being able to receive Communion in this way is obviously important to you as it is to me, therefore please respect the reality that we are able to receive Communion at all in these tumultuous times.
Your cooperation is both necessary and appreciated. Fr. Charles

St. Leo the Great Parish

Communion Services

His Eminence has granted permission, according to the judgment of the pastor, to offer weekend Communion Services for parishioners who desire to receive Holy Communion during the lockdown.  This weekend (May 9), we will hold 7- minute Communion Services for 9 people at a time at 10 minute intervals beginning at noon.

 You Must Register to Attend A Service

Since parish Masses are not permitted at this time, Communion services will take 10-minutes long with prayers, the Liturgy of the Word and Holy Communion.

You are asked to arrive at the main front church doors a few minutes early where you will be greeted by a Care Associate as no one will be able to enter the church until their scheduled time. You will be directed to line up six-feet apart along the front of the sanctuary. Following the service, you will be directed to exit the church by the Office door.

To Register, please click the link below and select the time you wish to attend or the next time slot available, as well as the number of individual people you are signing up.  Please make every effort to fill up each of the Communion Services before starting on the next one.  This will avoid sporadic sign-ups and gaps. 

Please note, Fr. Charles is willing to have as many Communion Services as demanded by parishioners.

Again, please arrive a few minutes early as we will be unable to accommodate late arrivals

May 9 – Communion Service Registration

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