Easter Blessing

My dear parishioners,

at Easter this year when we have experienced the unimaginable

both in our lives, our land and our world,

I offer the following prayer for you and your families: “Be not afraid.”

In the scriptures the Angels told this to those to whom they appeared;

Saint John Paul II so often repeated those words

to the youth and to the followers of Christ for a quarter century;

and most importantly –

JESUS told the two Mary’s this

after they had visited the empty tomb on Easter morning.

On their way from the Angel and the tomb they left to tell the disciples

that Jesus had been raised!

And on their way, they met Jesus, the Risen Lord Himself!

And He told them, “Do not be afraid.”

“My mother used to say: Fear knocked on the door.  Faith answered the door.

And there was no one there.”

So, I say to you, no matter how you see or are experiencing this pandemic

and the confusion over the reports of what is to come… “Be Not Afraid.”

Blessed Easter!  Fr. Charles

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