St. Michael’s Choir School Concert: Success

The long-anticipated St. Michael’s Choir School Christmas Concert took place a few weeks ago on Friday November 29th at 7 pm. in the church.  Though ticket sales were slow over the four weeks we were selling them the night of the concert saw a pretty full church.  I am so proud of the Choir School and their musical abilities and always have been, beginning many years ago when I used to frequent the Cathedral in Toronto for Sunday Mass.  To hear the Choir School sing at Mass amidst the splendour of the place and most especially the holy Mass itself, was a thing to behold with head, ear and heart and I am proud of their immediate connection to our Archdiocese and their principal purpose in providing music and choir for the Cathedral Church of Toronto.  All those who were there were thrilled at the musical selections and the voices of those young boys and men and it was sheer joy to see the faces of so many as they watched and listened to the Choir School sing of the Christmas praises of Jesus.

I want to especially recognize and thank our parish secretary, Maureen Holly, who sold tickets and served in so many ways as our unofficial parish coordinator of the Choir School event.  Also, Donna Shaddick who for weeks sold tickets while attending to the other things she was selling on behalf of the CWL, and to the other parishioners who sold tickets – Sandy Yatabe, Judy Delaney, Jeananne Ralph, Madelaine Vonk and Ed and Theresa Fox.  CWL President, Shannon Rogers, was instrumental in obtaining much of the food to feed the St. Michael students and she was assisted by so many others who worked the day before and all day during the St. Michael’s Choir School visit.  Their tireless efforts were greatly appreciated as were those of Tom & Joan Barker, Bill Targett and Cathy Irvin.  As well, so many of our parishioners donated money to help offset the cost of purchasing the food and groceries to feed the 220 choir members as well as the staff of 25.  A big note of gratitude goes to Gordon Mansell of Allen Organs who donated free of charge a magnificent Allen organ for our use during the concert.

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